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Need Home Theatre, Audio Visual or Home Automation Installed?

Coreys Electrical is a Local Adelaide home cabling and automation installation company covering the field of Smart Home Wiring as well as Home Automation. We provide a range of services to the domestic market. Our business has evolved from a background in Electrical, Data, Telecommunications, Security Systems and Home Audio Systems. Have you been quoted a price? We will beat it by a minimum 5%*.

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Why Use Coreys Electrical?

We give our customer the type of service and support people need.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesYou talk to real people when you call. You’ll get the professional help, information and advice you need, when you need it.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe can do any job you need done. Nothing is too big or too small. We’re fully licensed electricians and can service any electrical system.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesOur people are friendly and helpful. They provide expert advice and solutions, and will be able to assist in any situation.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesOur electricians arrive on time for appointments. We know your time’s valuable. We offer up to a $100 cash back on-time guarantee if you’re kept waiting.*

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe provide quick service when you need it. We can usually provide service in no more than two hours, 24/7.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe have the highest standards of workmanship. Our work standard is nothing less than best quality and best practice. We offer a life time warranty on all work.*

What Can Our Electricians Do?

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesNew TV Antennas and Repairs. Coreys Electrical can install new TV antennas and additional TV and Foxtel points.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesHome Audio and Video Distribution. Watch or listen to media from anywhere in your home seamlessly.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesSmart Wiring. Smart Wiring is the high-speed connectivity platform that can deliver up to 1gigs of data at home using both wired and wireless.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesIntercom Systems Our Intercoms are so advanced that you don’t even need an internal unit. They connect directly to a smart device via the internet and can let you see and speak to who is at your door where ever you are. You can even let them in at the push of a button.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesMulti Room Audio Systems. Installation of premium quality audio systems throughout your home or business. They can be controlled from a central location or even from a smart device.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesCCTV. Closed circuit TV surveillance. Increase security around your home or office. Our CCTV systems can be integrated into smart phones for access on the go.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesRemote Control Systems. Control multiple rooms with multiple devices on one remote. At the push of one button, turn on your TV, HiFi and Blue Ray Player.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesHome Automation With home automation the possibilities are endless. From controlling lights in energy efficient ways to turning off all nonessential appliances when you turn your alarm system on. Home automation is only limited to your imagination.

Service Comes First!

We pride ourselves on providing superior Electrical service. We’ll give you quick, no-mess, efficient, reliable service in any situation.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesPricing Choices. You can opt for a price up front or hourly rate pricing. You have control over prices.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesLifetime Warranty* We offer full lifetime warranty on all our work. If there are any deficiencies in our work, and any further work is required, it won’t cost you a cent.

Our Business Standards

As you have probably discovered by reading this far, we are very different from other Adelaide Commercial electrical contractors:

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe are extremely passionate about what we do.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe are fully committed to the very highest professional quality of work and service. Only the best is acceptable.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe pride ourselves on excellence, great communication and establishing long-term relationships with our clients. For us, business is all about relationships.

If you are after Adelaide’s very best electricians and want to feel valued as a client then you have landed on the right website.

Give us a go and never look back. We look forward to meeting you!

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesOn a side note: if you love how we go about our day jobs, tell a friend and receive two free movie tickets on the house!*

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