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Need An Electrician for Your Home?

Coreys Electrical provides the best residential electrical services in Adelaide. We give A-class electrical services at the best prices on the market. Have you been quoted a price? We will beat it by a minimum 5%*.

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Why Use Coreys Electrical?

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesYou talk to real people when you call. You’ll get the professional help, information and advice you need, when you need it.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe can do any job you need done. Nothing is too big or too small. We’re fully licensed electricians and can service any electrical system.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesOur people are friendly and helpful. They provide expert advice and solutions, and will be able to assist in any situation.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesOur electricians arrive on time for appointments. We know your time’s valuable. We offer up to a $100 cash back on-time guarantee if you’re kept waiting.*

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe provide quick service when you need it. We can usually provide service in no more than two hours, 24/7.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe have the highest standards of workmanship. Our work standard is nothing less than best quality and best practice. We offer a life time warranty on all work.*

Service Comes First!

We pride ourselves on providing superior Electrical service. We’ll give you quick, no-mess, efficient, reliable service in any situation.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesPricing Choices. You can opt for a price up front or hourly rate pricing. You have control over prices.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesLifetime Warranty*. We offer full lifetime warranty on all our work. If there are any deficiencies in our work, and any further work is required, it won’t cost you a cent.

What we can do for your home?

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesInstallation and repair of power, phone, data and T.V.  points

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesInstallation and repair of lighting fixtures

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesRepair of appliance power leads

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesHome energy audits (ask us how you can save money on your electricity bill)

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesElectrical wiring safety checks

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesInstallation of T.V. antennas that are digital ready

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesInstallation or replacement of smoke alarms

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesCCTV installations

Coreys Electrical Specials

We like to give our valued customers special treatment and special deals:

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesFree Energy Audit  ($170 Value)

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesAre your energy bills high? Let Coreys Electrical show you how you can save money.

Check out our products currently on special > >

Our Business Standards

As you have probably discovered by reading this far, we are very different from other Adelaide Commercial electrical contractors:

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe are extremely passionate about what we do.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe are fully committed to the very highest professional quality of work and service. Only the best is acceptable.

Adelaide-Electricians-Security-systems-Home-Theatre-Test-and-tag-servicesWe pride ourselves on excellence, great communication and establishing long-term relationships with our clients. For us, business is all about relationships. If you are after Adelaide’s very best electricians and want to feel valued as a client then you have landed on the right website.

Give us a go and never look back. We look forward to meeting you!

On a side note: if you love how we go about our day jobs, tell a friend and receive two free movie tickets on the house!*

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