Curved TV's- The Pros and Cons

on Saturday, 23 August 2014.

Curved TV's- The Pros and Cons

Major brands Samsung and LG are resolute that curved TV's are the future. Is this just another marketing stunt to part consumers with hard earned money or is there evidence back this claim?


Bluetooth InCeiling Speakers

on Saturday, 23 August 2014.

Bluetooth Speaker Installed in Hair Salon

Trendy and stylish, bluetooth speakers can provide crystal clear sound through out a home or business. The sensible InCeiling loudspeakers are exceptionally compact and coinside recessed ceiling lights. They are straight forward to install and their wide dispersion characteristics make them particularly well suited to providing ambient sound.

Perfectly suited for applications where running wires  down walls is costly, Bluetooth speakers can provide a cost effective solution.

Controlled directly from a bluetooth enabled device (smart phone, tablet, ect) they create a simple ambience that is easily manipulated.



How To Fix a Saftey Switch/RCD Thats Tripping

on Monday, 10 February 2014.

How To Fix a Saftey Switch/RCD Thats Tripping

A common call we get at Corey's Electrical is 'my saftey switch or RCD is tripping and it won't let me turn it back on.' The good news is nine times out of ten you are able to safely reset it yourself.


The way saftey switches and RCD's work is by measuring how much power (current) goes out as the same needs to come back in through the neutral. If there is any difference (30 milli amps,) then the the unit trips.


Now here is the secret that not many people know....


To reset and turn back on a saftey switch or RCD you firstly need to not just turn off but unplug everything any the house. Even with a switch turned off, if an appliance is faulty it will still cause a trip if its still plugged in.


If after unplugging everything and your RCD/Saftey Switch resets then begin to plug back in your appliances one by one. Note that if there is any sparking or flashes while trying to turn the safety switch on  Eventually you should find that your power turns off by  the saftey switch tripping. Repeat the above steps for only this device to confirm the appliance is faulty.


Common appliances that cause a saftey switch trip are irons, toasters, heaters, kettles, washing machines, dryers and fridges.



USB Chargers in a Power Point, It's About Time

on Monday, 30 September 2013.

USB Chargers in a Power Point, It's About Time

Are you sick of having your iphone or ipad charger taking up space in a power point. I know I am, every morning the toaster is always pulled out just so my phone can charge for 20 minutes while I'm eating breakfast.

Corey's Electrical now has a new product, a double power point with duo USB charging  sockets right next  to the switches. These  chargers are strong enough even to charge high powered devices such as Ipads.

These USB powerpoints can replace any standard sized powerpoint and give you the convience of dual USB power. Not only that, any new power point wired and installed can be upgraded to a USB power point at only a small cost.

Contact Us about how little it can cost to remove the inconvienance of chargers.


Ceiling Fans Cool the House and the Wallet

on Wednesday, 25 September 2013.

Ceiling Fans Cool the House and the Wallet

Save Energy with Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide a natural energy-saving cooling solution. Most ceiling fans use only about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb which equates to less than 1 cent per hour to run. Ceiling fans will save you money all year round in cooling and heating energy bills. The light fitting attached to the ceiling fan is also another way to reduce your energy consumption, by ensuring that it has a dedicated flourescent light source or at the least it is able to be fitted with compact flourescent globes.


Ceiling Fans in Summer

While a ceiling fan does not necessarily lower the temperature of a room, it does make the room feel cooler by providing a circulating breeze. Effective circulation can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler, and reduce air conditioning bills by up to 40%. Ceiling fans use the body's natural air conditioning system, through the movement of air down from the ceiling fan and across your entire body.

Depending upon the speed it your ceiling fan is on, the gentle or strong breeze generated evaporates moisture on your skin caused by the heat, providing a natural cooling effect, especially on hot and humid nights. Many people prefer a fan to air conditioning, as the latter can make your skin feel dry and can block up nasal passages. Even when ceiling fans are used in conjunction with air conditioning substantial energy savings can be obtained.

When using your ceiling fan in combination with air conditioning, you can set the temperature of the thermostat on the air conditioning unit to a higher temperature, reducing the energy being consumed, while still maintaining the same level of comfort.

Ceiling Fans in Winter

In the winter months, you should run your ceiling fan in the reverse mode using the Summer/Winter switch. All Corey's Electrical ceiling fans are reversible and have the Summer/Winter settings. Since heat rises, when heating your home in the winter the temperature of the air at the ceiling of the room can be up to 15 degrees warmer than the air at ground level.

This is very inefficient and heaters have to work harder and for longer periods to warm up the room at ground level. However, if a ceiling fan is used in the Winter mode in conjunction with the heater, it will push the warm air up against the ceiling and then down the walls, gently re-circulating warm air through the room, which means that heaters will not have to operate for as long, or at such a high-heat setting, thus reducing your energy consumption and saving you money.

This technique has been proven to lower heating costs by as much as 10%.

Home Energy Monitor Lower Power Bills

on Thursday, 22 August 2013.

Lower Your Power Bills By 5% - 40%

Home Energy Monitor Lower Power Bills

A wireless energy monitor or in home display shows you how much electricity you are using across your entire home, in real time. With rising living costs and a demand to reduce power costs these devices are a must.

Research from the University of Oxford and IBM shows that using an energy monitor will help you reduce energy consumption by between 5 and 40%.

You may ask, how will just knowing how much I have used help to reduce my usage. Well the answer to this is simple. Imagine you were in a supermarket and there were no prices on the shelves which caused you to  guess the value. More than likely you would buy more than you needed and hence have a large shopping bill. This is the same principle.

Here at Corey's Electrical in Adelaide, our electricians can install an OWL HOME ENERGY MONITOR including programming and a demonstration of its functions starting $149  inc GST.

The Owl Home Energy Monitor pays for itself in no time. So what are you waiting for, please contact us today and let Corey's Electrical help reduce your power bill.


Ceiling Fans Make Aircondiotioning Cooler

on Wednesday, 12 November 2014.

Here in Adelaide we are seeing more above average days in of heat in summer, not too mention the season starting earlier and finishing later. Modern day man seems to escape this by running to the AC remote and flicking on; but this comes with a catch. Although aircondiotioners are much more efficient than they were 10 years ago they are still a very expensive appliance to run with power consumed varying between 1500 and 8000 watts. With power prices ranging from between 32-42c without discount, this can easily cost upwards of $10+ a day to run.

With cooling, for every degree you drop it will cost around 10% compounded more to run. For example if to cool a house was $5 a day at 26 degrees but the owner decided to drop this to around 23; the sum of costing to run would look like this ((($5.00x1.1)x1.1)x1.1) which equals $6.65.

Here comes the good news. If you pair a ceiling fan/fans with an airconditioner, the air movement created by the fan makes warmer air acutally feel cooler. This means for the same comfort levels, we can increase the airconditioner temperature by between 3-5 degrees. So if a house was set to say 21 degrees, having ceiling fans running in living areas would allow the temperature to increase by 3 degrees while feeling exactly the same. A ceiling fan runs generally at around 50-90 watts which costs around 2-3 cents an hour to run.

For the previous example lets use the figures $5.00 and $6.65. As an estimate I'll say that 3 fans are on for a combined total of 16 hours. This would cost us approximately 40 cents to run. So for the same cooling effect as at 23 degrees, the air conditioner can be set to 26 with a cost saving of around $1.25 or 19%..


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